Saturday, December 12, 2009

What Does A Finished Brazilian Wax Look Like Please Help Im In Painnnn From Brazilian Wax. What Do I Use After?

Please help im in painnnn from brazilian wax. what do i use after? - what does a finished brazilian wax look like

Okay, today was a damn room. I used to go to my Brazilian wax, but today I could not get an appointment today went to another salon. ***** Stupid if it hurts very badly. It took an hour to get the wax, $ 40 from me, I honestly believe not to say that they even have a license, and now I think there are bumps and bad things realllllllly red. I am in tears at this moment of grief so stupid ***** has happened to me. In Goin never return. Does anyone have any suggestions? Where can I get on prescription drugs. Aloe Vera helps you? I must have now or I'll go crazy. I always have my wife wax costs $ 25, ends in 20 minutes and without potholes. Im sooo Piist. Help pleaseee

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