Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bad Credit Equity Guaranteed Home Loan Would You Be Willing To Invest In A High Risk Loan For 28.75% If You Knew They Had A Great Job?

Would you be willing to invest in a high risk loan for 28.75% if you knew they had a great job? - bad credit equity guaranteed home loan

We make over 80,000 a year and have a poor credit rating because of health problems and some options are not so smart. We try to make a loan to pay for everything on our credit (less than 7000.00) without (car loans (LE of the 07. February) and our house owe110 the 000 and it's got to be worth 135,000, but I can not Mortgage loans secured in TX b / c of refiance right only 80%.) We can pay monthly for a fee of up to about 475.00. I grow a list, but I have a couple of paris. The list is gandbcole if you want to know more about us. I need to know just where to find a private investor who wants to make a loan of 2 years at a rate of 28.75%, to. That does not bother me to pay higher interest rates, if you can get rid of all my previous loans and have only good things to improve. What should I do? I would like to sign a personal guarantee placement of equity in my house as collateral. You do not know where to look.

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