Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bad Stomach Pains After Eating Jack In A Box Maybe I Am Or Maybe Not...or It Might Just Be The Pill..i Think I Might Be Pregnant..?

Maybe i am or maybe not...or it might just be the pill..i think i might be pregnant..? - bad stomach pains after eating jack in a box

Had Well, I do not appear on the pill, and tomorrow one months and missed pills and sex, and do not have the last 3 pills, because the bleeding was bleeding and I like crazy but my stomach really does hurt and it feels like someone who is very hard, that breast works, it pains me bak fool, this also means out of nowhere, I began to feel chest pain levels, even with a simple touch ... Wella am also very thin, and now it seems that there is a bump, but it hurts when I try to suck so bad ... I like my favorite food now that I always eat tacos at Jack in the Box, and now it is like noooooo I do not want anything and if I use a touch so bad and strange and very rare .. anyway just wanted to ask, have thoughts or questions whether he could at least guess what happens to me


reptileb... said...

It is possible that you are pregnant and tablets that lack only a month ago ... She would not get symptoms but as soon ... certainly not a pothole.

The Doomp said...

"I did not have the last 3 pills, because now the bleeding and I bled like crazy"

Are you bleeding? If so ... Preggerz doubt UR. In addition, making BC the woman's body happened .... U must be mad to find one that suits you. Buy yourself take a pregnancy test or go to the doctor.

funkyban... said...

Sounds like he irratitble bowel syndrome

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