Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can I Match My Face With Hairstyle What Sorts Of Short Female Hairstyles Are Utilitarian But Stylish?

What sorts of short female hairstyles are utilitarian but stylish? - can i match my face with hairstyle

So the question is more complex. First, I am not too concerned about whether the hair matches the shape of my face or something. I also want it to be fairly intelligent. What I mean is that I will not shave my head (but it would probably be the most effective solution.

Search for hairstyles that fit the description below.

I can not have hair on my face. I'm almost always working or studying, and I am against the hell of me that I have a beard. This essentially means that it is automatically taken.

I would be able to tie your hair back or wear their hair so short that when I'm hunched over a desk and s work, no objections to the route (lya something of a shock really short pixie could as an example)

* I'm looking for hairstyles for women are more than a pixie style cut without noise, but could still be set completely by a big band or hairtie or so (and still seems to be a decent haircut.)

I have black hair and thick, and much of it (the hair of Asia) and I think by her hair into a ponytail gives me a headache, horsetail, is so high, or out in the neck.

Please help!

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verde_sp... said...

What do you think this hairstyle? ...
Virtually no bang, and short, not too short.

I hope that helped!

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