Thursday, February 11, 2010

Butterfly Poems Sayings What Are Some Good Quotes,sayings,poems,lyrics In General And For Aim Statusus Or Away Messages?

What are some good quotes,sayings,poems,lyrics in general and for aim statusus or away messages? - butterfly poems sayings

I love reading quotes, sayings and poems, but every page I go to the same things to find or do not care. I also have letters poems quotes and sayings such as Facebook and statusus my goal, but I need some good news. I also ask questions that are not marked to say what you love, if I tell you, I miss you. In reallyy in love, breaking the heart of things Caus i reallyy like some1 at the time and everything I've been through a lot with him.
Here are some examples:

I try to forget that I dont care claim and say that it is hate, but the pain has gone it does the most painful that I love and care.

I'm beginning to go further and I am happy again and I see you suffering, and butterflies in my stomach crazy and I realize that he lied to me was for you.

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