Monday, February 15, 2010

Mouse Urine Look How Can Pet Stores Get Away With This?

How can pet stores get away with this? - mouse urine look

In the cage of mice mouse Petco 6 or 7 patients had been stacked on top of the bottle of water. (I have no idea how they got there, it was 6 cm above the ground and is) a glass container. All skins were at its ends and bloody eruptions. Ten others seemed to health and mice run across the floor.

Today I went to a small pet shop that sells pet birds and small animals. All animals live in enclosures hunting birds everywhere on foot. There were sea urchins, and when I saw that a little belly had was soaked in urine! He had shed, we assume that these mites and back was so swollen that I seemed to have the mouse balls. (sorry, but that's really what it seems.) & # He039, t ball, when I talked so much bother or too sick to win. There were 2 pigs reporting of others who were there, huddled close to their ends to the outside. The only thing that was in the cage, a small tunnel that you could be accepted, and a plate of canned food.

I've never seen such a thing!


scoutma5... said...

Yes, it's disgusting. But if no one files a formal complaint. The animal welfare inspectors are few and far between. You can start by calling your local shelter and ask what is the procedure for reporting very poor conditions in pet shops. If they do not know who is able to route the call to someone who knows. Thank you for your concern.

Boomer&L... said...

Call the police now. That is wrong. Both pet shops must be closed.

Kajal S said...

It's just the middle! This pet shops must be closed! Should I IAA Vegetarian so happy right now, because otherwise the animals can be saved!

kiki said...

It's terrible! What type of transactions necessary for a pet? care for their pets? I relate!

Jack's Baby said...

my hamsters fight sometimes, if you like lol PMS country and sometimes a lil scratches but nothing serious, but nothing. the butts of their could be dipped in urine, in order to get something like wet tail. But it sounds like they dont care for their animals before the manager and if you have not received a response to the request on behalf of the district chiefs, and how they can get. they give you. to do something that is terrible. I do not know, fight well Hedgehog, but it sounds like patients with wet glue

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