Thursday, February 18, 2010

Britax Boulevard In Toyota Camry Which Britax Carseat Fits Better In Toyota Camry - Regent Or Frontier?

Which Britax Carseat Fits Better In Toyota Camry - Regent or Frontier? - britax boulevard in toyota camry

We love Britax car seats and look forward to a new one for our daughter, who purchase more than 80 pounds welcome. in the 5-point harness.

At this moment we have a Britax Boulevard seat for them and fits well in our Toyota Camry 1999th

I am currently looking for, either update the Britax Regent or Frontier. I fear that these seats be larger than the boulevard and employable can, and our car.

A different experience in the Regent or the border in a Camry?

Thanks in advance!

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capeko71 said...

Hello - if the security to match - but the border is less than the Regent - and probably long term a real choice.

Slots Top 20 "more or less
£ 80 Harness
Takes a lot of space (not in a position to three people in the back seat with the installed seat Put)

Slots Top 19 "
Harness 80 pounds (80 kg child does not really correspond to this position ... but probably realistic exceeded over 60 65 pounds)
Super High Back Booster with high - higher market

Both seats are to be installed to funky. So be prepared ... not nearly as simple as the Boulevard, where just clip, clip and forces.

Sometime you need a seat belt for installation - as I believe the limit PUTS to 42 pounds - is limited, where you store the handle and seat belt must. There are two ways for the two seats belts - here's a video:
(Border - long belt path: border ... - short belt path: Britax .. Regent Road belt ... short journey long Volume: ...

Sometimes the seat belt is not long enough to strip the long way ... and you have to try a different seating position.

Best you can do is with one of these positions in order to find an experiment (I wonder whether you are a Britax Regent ... installed), and they show you how to install it.

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