Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Harley Davidson Tour And Mule Ride To Bottom Of Grand Canyon Who Has A 2009 Harley-Davidson Touring Bike? How Is It?

Who has a 2009 Harley-Davidson Touring bike? How is it? - harley davidson tour and mule ride to bottom of grand canyon

I would like advice on everything from people who traveled from 2008 and earlier models. Roadking I sat down in 2009 and could not sit flat-footed. I've never had this problem on the Harley.
- Oh yes, and please, if u drive a motorcycle and negative comments, Travel Insurance.


Scooter said...

I drive a 1996 Road King, I also traveled in 2009. Seat height it seemed to me, but I'm 6'3 ". I do not know how the seat is not so much like mine, but to me in broken I loved the 2009 but it can also because it was so new. I like fall too. Everything was so smooth, so smooth. I like the rough feeling of my bike, I feel more connected to the road. The new 2009 is faster, but it feels bigger. It handles soft, manage change better, but it is hardly noticeable. It feels a little stronger in the high-speed turns. I'll buy one if I had money.

Until Ninewhateverthings. He does not know a tough question when he saw one. The chances are good he is.

muzkman4... said...

I have a 2009 Ultra Classic. I am pleased about 6 feet and one foot was flat, but .... put not too much to pay in order to flex the leg and the extra effort needed to see about when parking or accidentally irregular patches in the corners weighed. Simply not recommended on the new headquarters as a leather workshop will be to keep the bridge, but again filled with a soft surface (low) and sides.That decreased in comparison is all you need, not to lead a perfect fit, this change accidents or other materials.

Uncle Jed said...

I had a 1999, 2001, 2005 Ultra Classics. All were very good and excellent. I never had a problem with both.

He had to resign because of health problems. I was able to sit flat footed all his friends, including a King Road.

You can reduce the Road King or any other model. Check with your dealer to see if you can. Even a few inches to make a difference ......... Enjoy ................ ...

ninebadt... said...

He is touring bike is a poser. If you are willing to pay twice the price of half of the individual measures, to see Fonzie, what other choice for you? Buy now and does not complain about something else, it is cheaper and better.

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