Sunday, January 10, 2010

Auto Ramps Strictly Speaking , Driving A Manuel Car Is Safer Than A Auto One - True Or False ?

Strictly speaking , driving a Manuel car is safer than a auto one - true or false ? - auto ramps

Some cars on the track on the wall of the parking lot, some caused by collision with another car, and you do not hear - that accidents only happen to drive a car?


A.J. said...

Manuals not, insurance questions. You must have a Robert, or maybe even a Fernando, a little more money received, but we are talking about security?

Oh, incidentally, is the manual (man-yoo-AL), not)-manual (also men. One is a word, learn to spell a name other.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I see you've p * Teens 3 people with poor spelling skills, lol. Well, Merry Christmas to all!

PMack said...


I am a big fan of manual transmissions, but security is not one of them there is no difference between the internal security manual and automatic. One of them said that the automatic response is best when parking, as it puts into the park - Manuals and should always be parked on the go! You can just simply leave a machine is idle, a manual.

I do not understand what you mean with the comment about jumping, but if this does not work the brakes bouncing from car to car, if that's what you mean.

If it's the same brand and model and has the same brakes, suspension, etc., both are just as safe, is the big difference, so that the driver of the transmission.

Mad Jack said...

I would say an automatic is more secure.

Configuration and maintenance.

One less thing to think about while driving. It allows for a greater focus on the task of driving the vehicle.

What makes people think you can not control their speed with an automatic transmission? At least with my car when I press the gas that goes faster. If I let the gas is slower. Something like the way it comes in a car with manual transmission.

Also, when was the last time was saw a car with a roll of the automatic transmission, while the back on a hill in traffic?

Fastbob said...

I would say that both manual and automatic cars are safe, also be driven by experienced drivers' attention. The question seems to me that might cause a problem of parking on a slope or ramp. With the manual transmission. if the vehicle is parked on a hill and forgot to activate it and pull the handbrake and May hit something. They are not the problem with the automatic car, as it seems in the park when parking anywhere.

For Pmack: If you leave an automatic neutral position and can not, the ignition out. In general, if you park your car, take the keys with them!

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