Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Much To Rent A Cart Kiosk In The Perimeter Mall How Much Would It Cost To Rent A Cart/kiosk At Perimeter Mall, Atlanta, GA?

How much would it cost to rent a cart/kiosk at Perimeter Mall, Atlanta, GA? - how much to rent a cart kiosk in the perimeter mall

I wanted to start my own business in 2008, and I wanted to rent a car in Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, Georgia, and everything you need to know how much rent it to one of their cars that the kiosks are samll costs.

I need a quote for the same, as I fill in too many formalities and forms that it seems a waste of time unless I pay to have the monthly basket. I need to know only that I can have enough money for seed capital.

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A F said...

Why do not you ask someone who has one? PickOne sell where they something else that you want to sell what they are not afraid of competition.

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