Sunday, January 17, 2010

Collectible Barbie Dolls Is Barbie The Most Collectible Doll In The World?

Is Barbie the most collectible doll in the world? - collectible barbie dolls

Talking about plastic dolls.


annastac... said...

In fact, the connection between Barbie Raggedy Ann and believe it or not.
Barbie is highlighted because it was produced very much mass, but until now much longer and wear collection is a favorite was the collection, despite the lack luster.
GI Joe is also a large collection, but it is not technically a doll, but an action figure.
Any man who collects GI Joe is pretty freak if you got in his face and said that collects doll .. LOL

Yarnlady... said...

If by "most of the collection" means the sale, yes, Barbie.

However, for the doll worth more, I think it would have the American girl, Kitty, and of course, to examine, Shirley Temple.
Doll show to get into the modern dolls, dolls from 1980 to the present, including brands such as Ashton Drake, Marie Osmond Dolls, Lee Middleton Dolls, Madame Alexander, Tonner dolls and Barbie collectibles.

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