Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Duncan Hines German Chocolate Cake How To Make A Boxed German Chocolate Cake Moist But Not Too Dense.?

How to make a boxed German Chocolate Cake Moist but not too dense.? - duncan hines german chocolate cake

Let me say, I'm not trying to start a recipe for homemade German chocolate cake. I buy a Duncan Hines German Chocolate cake with German chocolate icing, and perhaps a classic chocolate.
My question:
What a cake mix with moisture in cans. I bake on Thursday, Friday and ice that acts on Sunday. The standard Duncan Hines German Chocolate. (Sorry, so be honest, but I've noticed that many people simply want to add shares or change their formulations to provide the basis for a German chocolate cake).
Should I butter instead of water or simply add the cream?
You do not want my cake too dense and moist.

The last time I asked for help here (I guess), I added a packet of instant gelatin (not finished with the German chocolate), plus I added milk instead of water and simple syrup nuclear layer.
How did the richer, denser cake EVER THICK.
Literally had back in the refrigerator for several dayshe had for the day, I my husband b-before you really enjoy it, unfortunately.
Now I just want a simple box of Duncan Hines cake, but only because I cook in advance, could someone please give me a hint of moisture. I do not dry out on Sunday and if it can tolerate only a regular cake mix.
Therefore, buttermilk instead of sour cream or water? And if I sour cream, I substitute something else instead, or I'm just the mix. I do not want a texture like cake last time Thank you in advance.


Anonymous said...

Add ½ cup of mayonnaise in the recipe.

Yes, just add. Make yourself do not worry so, May

jeffrey said...

Why should a cake mix box? Book website. It features recipes of popular restaurants nationwide. I'm sure you can make a huge cake recipe here.

Violated by a TROLL! said...

They have the cake before the first period.
I added sour cream, recipes, but it seems to add a sour taste ... I have read, is the best butter to use. And of course, is May right. Quality must be high, however, as Hellman.

* Just a note *
Leave to be lifted off a little.

lpnlab said...

I would follow the instructions on the box and be sure not to cook on it. If you cook it on Thursday and will not until Sunday, I use plastic wrap, at least until Saturday before freezing. I found that Pillsbury is slightly less dense than Duncan Hines. Personally, I love him so tightly that have changed in Duncan. If you can cook and first frost in order to ensure that it is waterproof.

I have never used the method of May at home or at work. It sounds as if it were always closer to me, though. Do not cite me on that, though. Good luck with your cake.

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