Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mutant Miniatures Why Is One Miniature Pinscher Pup In Litter So Big? She Is Now A Mutant At 23 Lbs?

Why is one miniature pinscher pup in litter so big? She is now a mutant at 23 lbs? - mutant miniatures

I have my puppy from a litter of 6 puppies, who were all young, with one exception. The General had blue eyes. I've decided. There is currently an economic growth of 7 years, and twice as big as their brothers and sisters, and she is not fat, but bigger. She is completely healthy and normal, but why is so mutated? What is the cause?


Cookie Puss said...

Only an accident of nature that occurs even with the best reproduction. The fact that it is larger, has nothing to do with bad breeding. I see it all the time and I work in a veterinary office. Also sometimes I see a dwarf in the Trash

Launi Reality can be shocking said...

It is obvious. Poor farming. But this is not a "mutant".

It is not their fault, an ignorant person decided to dogs without any knowledge of what to breed them.

Ocimom said...

I think you could (another father, another race) and then have the rest of them.

Dana1985... said...

The cause is poor discipline, and the purchase of a dog BYB's!

Aphrodite Dobe uses a PRONG said...

Probably, many poor farmers and incest dogs! lol

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